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Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are designed for the A Star Equivalency exams. The content covered matches the Specification exactly and has been designed with the help of senior A Star Equivalency Examiners.

These courses have been made for international students as an alternative to a physical course.

With our online course options, you get all the materials you need to revise effectively. Additionally, we also have webinar tutorials to help prepare learners, which is inclusive of the exam booking fee.

The online courses are accessed through a learning portal, where you get access to revision, practice questions, topic tests and mock exams, all to help prepare you for your exam. The course is all online, meaning it can be accessed anywhere, and you don’t have to wait for any course materials to arrive by post!

You can purchase your exam through our UK site here: https://astarequivalency.co.uk/

The exam is suitable if you are a student sitting abroad.