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A Star Equivalency International works with a leading tuition provider who are dedicated to helping students pass their GCSE equivalency tests in maths, English, science and Biology. If you are looking for a support with your GCSE equivalency test, then we recommend The Exam Tutor. Their services focuses primarily on helping international students pass their equivalency tests.

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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

The GCSE Equivalency tests are a specialist type of test that not many tutors are aware of. They do not follow the standard GCSE structure and as such it is important to get a tutor who knows the exam structure and format to ensure that they tailor their tuition to the exam. Finding a GCSE maths equivalency test tutor can be tricky which is why we have paired up with a service that we know works.

  • Expert one-to-one maths tuition

  • Highly targeted group lessons

  • Exam prep and exam technique

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English Equivalency Test Tuition

The Exam Tutor can help international students from around the world effectively prepare for the English equivalency test. English may be a second or even third language for you and the thought of taking an English GCSE can be quite daunting but don’t worry, the expert team of GCSE English equivalency test tutors are there to help you every step of the way.

  • English equivalency test tuition expert

  • 1-2-1 and group tuition available

  • High first time pass rates

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Science Equivalency Test Tutor

Whether you are looking for support with the combined GCSE science equivalency test or it is just Biology, you can get the support you need to prepare for and pass your exam. The following option will take you to the equivalency test tuition booking page where you can select the service you want. All of the science tutors are qualified and experienced and are there to help you pass!

  • Expert one-to-one science tuition

  • Targeted to help you pass first time

  • Qualified and experienced tutors

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