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ASINT Team June 26, 2024

Functional skills exams are vital components of the UK’s education system, offering key qualifications in English and Mathematics. These assessments are highly prized by both employers and educational establishments for their ability to arm students with the necessary practical skills for success in both their professional and personal lives. This piece from A Star Equivalency International delves into the significance of functional skills exams, their structure, and how Pass Functional Skills can assist you in reaching your academic and career aspirations.


A functional skills exam emphasises applying English and Maths in real-life situations, as opposed to traditional academic exams that are more specialised. These exams focus on using knowledge in everyday tasks, making them valuable for daily life and professional environments.


Functional skills courses offer numerous advantages. They boost employability by showcasing proficiency in problem-solving, communication, and numerical literacy. They also increase opportunities for advancing education, as many apprenticeships and higher education programs require a Level 2 functional skills qualification. Furthermore, these skills are beneficial in day-to-day life for tasks like financial management, digital communication comprehension, and contract navigation.


Pass Functional Skills offers three levels to accommodate different levels of competency: Entry Level 3, Level 1, and Level 2. Entry Level 3 is recommended for beginners, focusing on fundamental skills just below Level 1. Level 1 is similar to a 2/3 grade at GCSEs, building on basic skills and preparing learners for more advanced challenges. Level 2 is equivalent to a grade 4 or C at GCSE, making it a valuable alternative qualification for employers and further education institutions.


The English exam assesses reading, writing, and speaking/listening abilities. The reading and writing components are conducted online and usually take about an hour each. The speaking and listening section requires group participation, including presentations and group discussions.


The Maths exam consists of two parts: one that permits the use of calculators and one that does not. Unlike GCSE papers, both sections are integrated into a single test. The non-calculator segment lasts for 30 minutes, while the calculator section lasts for 90 minutes, making the entire exam last for 2 hours.


Our online exams are available all year round from Monday to Saturday, offering flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule. Pass Functional Skills recognises the importance of flexibility for students with various commitments. Mastering functional skills can unlock new opportunities and personal development. Whether you aim to boost your foundational skills, further your education, or increase your job prospects, Pass Functional Skills is committed to assisting you. Our exam methods are effective, motivating, and flexible, empowering you to uncover your potential and reach your objectives.

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