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ASINT Team November 24, 2023

A Star Equivalency International provides full guidance for Level 2 certifications. We cover everything from functional abilities in English at Level 2 to GCSE mathematics. In this piece, we’ll explore Level 2 credentials in more detail and offer a clear response to the frequently asked question, “What is Level 2 equal to?”


Because they give students an introduction to an intermediate position in our educational system, Level 2 certificates are significant. Let’s look at Level 2 credentials and how the UK educational system uses them.


What is Level 2 equivalent to?


Level 2 credentials are part of the UK’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which offers a uniform method of assessing the requirements and difficulty of various certificates. Between level 1 and Level 3, Level 2 represents a reasonable degree of knowledge, competency, and abilities. Level 2 equivalents include, among others, BTECs, GCSEs, functional skills, and GCSE equivalencies. Although GCSEs are a well-known example of a Level 2 qualification, functional skills Level 2, which are comparable to a grade C or Level 4 in GCSEs, are also taken into consideration by employers and institutions.


Important Features of Level 2


A vast array of theoretical and applied areas are included in Level 2 qualifications. The required GCSE grades for an academic approach are A* through C (currently level 4-9), and there are vocational certificates that provide you real-world, industry-specific skills.


The primary focus here is on GCSEs, which include a wide range of subjects like science, maths, English, languages, and the humanities. You have completed a Level 2 certification successfully if you receive grades 4 through 9. These exams are frequently taken by students as their secondary education draws to a finish.


Meanwhile, there are also many different vocational credentials available, like NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) and BTECs (Business and Technology Education Council), which have been created to supply students with the specific skills and knowledge needed for a specific occupation.


Getting ready for Level 3


Level 3 certificates, such as A-levels, apprenticeships, and advanced occupational credentials, tend to be preceded by Level 2 qualifications. Achieving Level 2 shows that you have a solid foundation, readying you for progressively challenging academic and professional activities.


What does Level 2 signify in the context of education in the United Kingdom?


Completing Level 2 is equivalent to completing high school and laying the groundwork for further education. Even though you still have a ways to go in your academic and educational path, you will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to pursue Level 3 and beyond. Every year, students choose Functional Skills Level 2 in maths and English, which is a noteworthy Level 2 equivalency.


For a detailed list and explanation of the different UK qualification levels, see the government website.


GCSEs or functional skills, A Star Equivalency International can help you navigate the world of Level 2 and the certifications that go along with it. Have inquiries? Chat with our tutoring staff today.

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